Greetings and welcome to ALBATROSS. Watch on a system with good speakers if possible; the sound is big and immersive. ALBATROSS is offered as a gift to the world, which means you can stream and share for free (but please do not publicly post any screenshots or clips).  Please consider a donation to help us spread the film around the world.

Thank you and we hope you love it! ~cj and the ALBATROSS team.

If you would like to download and own ALBATROSS, you can do so here. We recommend the HD 1080p version (3GB). It is full resolution and high quality, and should play smoothly on any laptop or computer monitor/TV. You are welcome to try the 80GB "original" version, but it may not play smoothly because the file is so big. Interested in the 8-year story of how ALBATROSS was made? Click here.